Our Bread


Real bread takes time and dedication

With a wide range of products, including bread, pastries, scones and tray bakes, below are details of our six signature loaves which are available daily in our shop and to wholesale customers.


As the Italians call it ‘Just Bread’. The natural fermentation process for this dough is what creates its wonderful tangy taste and chewy texture. From its hard crust to its soft interior, sourdough bread has a unique flavour that is hard to resist.  The natural yeast means it is easier to digest and its low fat content makes it a healthy choice.

Granary Loaf

We have worked with our local Irish supplier, Kells Wholemeal, to produce this wonderful blend of sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, rye flour and malt. Without doubt this is our most popular loaf both in our shop and for catering customers.

Country Store

A traditional German loaf is made from a rye mash prepared twenty-four hours in advance with rye flour and healthy seeds. Country Store is high in fibre with flaxseeds providing brain boosting Omega 3 oils and sunflower seeds which are good for the heart.

Tortano Crown

This Italian-influenced potato bread uses the simplest of ingredients.  Rooster potatoes are baked in advance and combined with Mileeven organic honey to give an intense nutty flavour, a silky texture and a deep earthy crust.

Pain de Campagne

A traditional French-style rustic bread. Made with French fine flour, a white sourdough bread with wholemeal flour for an added dimension to the flavour. The dough is allowed to ferment for twenty-four hours, allowing the natural yeasts to grow and develop the taste.


Wholegrain Sourdough

An authentic sourdough typically has a decent crust, open holey texture and a lovely shimmering glassy crumb. Sourdough is bread made from the simplest ingredients – just flour, water and salt. Long-fermentation dough promotes good gut health and bacteria. This improves digestibility, especially for people with gluten intolerance problems.

The Bretzel San Francisco-style sourdough won a gold medal at the Blas na hEireann Awards in Dingle in 2017.


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