Every morning at the Bretzel Bakery in Portobello since 1870, before most of our customers are even stirring, our bakers are faithfully producing an enticing and exotic array of “real” bread and cakes, prepared by hand to timeless recipes and baked in original brick-lined ovens.

Relying on traditional skills and methods, The Bretzel Bakery has long been synonymous with excellence, its secret residing in the quality of ingredients used and the passion of its bakers who hand make all of our delicious, mouth-watering breads daily.

The Bretzel Bakery is as much a part of Dublin culinary history as Boxty or a bowl of Coddle. In fact, the Bretzel still make their “Challah” (Jewish festive sesame bread) to the same recipe as they did when it opened in the 19th Century!

William works closely with both retail and trade customers perfecting the various styles of breads required, from their now famous dense Sourdough breads to fluffy white rolls and carefully balance the commercial demands of the customer with the dedication to time honoured artisan methods, preparing up to seventeen distinct dough preparations each evening, with NO additives or preservatives.

Bretzel baking practices are a combination of timeless classics and cutting edge!


Bretzel Bakery
1a Lennox Street, Portobello,
Dublin 8
Tel: 01 475 9445
Email: bretzelshop@bretzel.ie




Bretzel Bakery
Unit 1a, Greenmount Industrial Estate,
Greenmount Ave
Dublin 12
Tel: 01 475 2724

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