The Bretzel Bakery’s Brexit

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The Bretzel Bakery’s Brexit

The Bretzel Bakery was asked to comment for the Claire Byrne Live show last Monday on the effects on business if there no agreement reached about the border with the UK. Michael’s personal story of Omagh bombing was tragic, relevant & harrowing – but the business end of Brexit was treated rather lightly. It’s not possible for a programme like that to go into detail on such a complex problem but while Tony Blair’s original spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, was allowed to talk for far too long, he did remake the point that process is about the survival of the Conservative party in the UK…and Ireland’s issues are not what is driving them.

There is no doubt there will be some negative effects if there is no agreement. The problem is no one knows what is going to happen and we can only make contingency plans based on hypothetical situations. The Bretzel does not export but as some of our ingredients have to pass through the UK we will not be immune. There probably is no ingredient sourced from or through the UK of which we could not get the equivalent or better straight from Europe. There may be those who will use any outcome as an excuse to raise prices and it is likely that costs will rise. Our aim will be to look after our customers, ensuring continued supply and mitigating as far as possible any increases.

But perhaps this will help focus all our minds more on where our food comes from, and even encourage consumers to buy more locally. We may find we are no longer prepared to accept food that travels unnecessarily.

** As a footnote, I couldn’t resist a spin on the topical “The Metabolic Age Testing” machine which showed a pleasant surprise of 38 years !!! We should get some of my favourite healthy❤ carbs into Leinster House😊.

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