Click & Collect at Bretzel Bakery Café.

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Click & Collect at Bretzel Bakery Café.


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With a hundred-year-old history, and recipes to match, we have worked very hard in the past decade to upgrade our processes and facilities to keep up with the requirements of both our customers, our values and legislation. Qualifying for the Q-mark again this year has been a great source of pride and a brilliant encouragement for the staff. Now shop customers can pay and order on line.

Bringing our great pastries together with technology we now offer a click & collect facility to order and pay for a box of pastries online. You can then collect them in the Lennox Street shop, in a snazzy presentation box. Choose from a box of 12 plain croissants, 10 mixed pastries or 20 petite viennoiserie.

As a seasonal special we have created a mincemeat and custard pastry which is a welcome and flamboyant departure from the traditional mince pie.

All handmade, all butter, a guaranteed feel good boost to meetings or party.

Just use the Click & Collect link above or

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