A Bit More of the Sourdough story

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A Bit More of the Sourdough story

An authentic sourdough typically has a decent crust, open holey texture and a lovely shimmering glassy crumb. Good baking technique, aided by the healthy bacteria means it keeps better too.

Sourdough is bread made from the simplest ingredients – just flour, water and salt. When the dough is left to ferment it produces the cultures that make the bread rise naturally. These friendly cultures work on the grains during the fermentation process to make the most of flavours and nutrients, and make it much easier for the body to digest.

Longer fermentation means tastier bread, but is it any better for you than other bread?

There is evidence that naturally fermented doughs are heathier, too. Long-fermentation sourdough promotes good gut health, healthy bacteria. Also because it has a lower glycaemic index it keeps you fuller for longer with more even blood sugar levels. The process also helps the absorption by the body of some minerals.  Research has shown gluten proteins are broken down into smaller fragments by the sourdough process and it has been suggested that this improves digestibility, especially for people with gluten intolerance problems.

There’s the science. Now let’s eat and enjoy.

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First published on LinkedIn in April 2017


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