Fabulous French Flair worthy of the name…

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Fabulous French Flair worthy of the name…

Fabulous French Flair worthy of the name…

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All the experts will tell you that French bread is by definition crusty. Crispiness is the characteristic of a good baguette. Crispy on the outside with a light yellow crumb inside, this baguette offers bread lovers a heady bouquet of fragrance, and tastes as if buttered.

Taste good bread like a good wine: savour the creamy texture and the bubbly appearance, a sign of slow and careful mixing and well-developed long fermentation, inhale the yeasty tang and finally bite down on that crust. It is difficult not to bite into a hot baguette, just out of the baker’s oven. However, did you know that ideally you should have the patience to wait forty-five minutes or so before sinking your teeth in? Hot bread digests less well, and the heat masks some of the breath of flavour.

Going back to my French roots might seem a bit of a stretch but I can honestly say I am very proud of our latest addition to the Bretzel list: our baguette d’Espard. A classic baguette in the French tradition, it is the result of a partnership between ourselves and the French miller, Moulin Virons of Chartes, with whom we are very proud to be associated.

The Beauce region is known as the granary or bread basket of France. It is fertile productive land and one of the most renowned agricultural regions in the country. It also has a reputation as a magical and spiritual place. The majestic cathedral of the city of Chartres rises dramatically out of the flat plain of wheat and grain fields. Moulin Viron produces an unbleached soft French flour which is the main ingredient of the baguette d’Espard (plus lots and lots of time).

My family, Despard, is Huguenot, d’Esparde when we had to flee France in a hurry; The Huguenots were persecuted throughout seventeenth century and approximately 5000 came to live in Ireland at that time, including the La Touche family; It is after them that the bridge over the Grand Canal at Portobello, local to the Bretzel Bakery, is named.

Spring has suddenly blossomed into summer and at Bloom, (June Bank Holiday weekend) in the Phoenix Park we will officially launch the Baguette d’Espard. Already available in Portobello, where our loyal customers are enjoying the most French & fabulous baguette.

Fitst published on LinkedIn in May 2017

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