Seeds of Innovation

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Seeds of Innovation

The seeds and rye flour we use in our multi-seed Country Store are more digestible as we soak them for 24 hours in advance – a bit of soakage breaks down the seed wall – so that I don’t have crack open each flax seeds with my brittle teeth. Also with wheat flour longer fermentation is vital – but lots more on that in later blogs. Today my second blog is the back story to my first product innovation, our Country Store loaf.

Prior to taking over the bakery, my baking was strictly on a domestic level.  In 2003 we were delighted to be mentored by the DIT Bakery School to develop new breads. Country Store was born out of a German-style “Holzfaller” recipe, rye flour, wheat flour and handfuls of healthy seeds; rolled in polenta. The word is from the German “Woodcutter’s bread”, but the energy rich Germanic recipe also looks after the mind and body. Natural Nutrition. The value of these seeds is uncontested. Sesame seed has a range of physical benefits including being a source of certain vitamins and trace elements; the flaxseeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, “good” fats that have been shown to have a healthy effect on the heart. Sunflower seeds are a powerful anti-oxidant and are a source of magnesium.

A Country Store Loaf, to you and I, is just good bread… but there is lots of complex natural healthy stuff rolled into a 500g food parcel. And I forgot to mention, it tastes ffantastic & high in fibre (you don’t have to be old to need a good source of fibre).  The experience of creating the first “new” Bretzel Bakery Bread in probably 20 years was invaluable and spurred us all on. Many thanks to the National Bakery School, then down the road in Kevin Street, D8.

We now have fortunately have grown to now have our own in-house technical manager training and developing our baker skills. We continue to collaborate with the DIT, Cathal Brugha Street at a technical and practical level.  My passion is to provide wholesome breads which retain their nutritious qualities whilst maximising flavour. Developing new products and fine-tuning recipes has been a big part of the work since the opening of the second bakery in 2013, with our great bakers continuing the story.

Viel glück

First published by William Despard on LinkedIn March 2017

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